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Who's Your Favorite Wildwood Team?

Would you like to buy lunch for Ferd & Friends?

Of course! That's a wonderful way to support our work, and you'll provide special high-quality food for the sensitive teeth and tummies of our aging gentle giants. You might also choose to donate toward their arthritis medicine and other veterinary care.

Doodle & Friends are our family of fun and feisty goats. Giant pasture puppies, truth be told. A donation to their care helps us provide exercise and enrichment activities, hoof trimming, veterinary care, and specialized feed for their specific needs.

Clover & Crabby Patti are the ambassadors for our turkey family. Yes, Miss Crabby earns her name every day, and we love her anyway. Clover (below, posing for his closeup), is a snuggler and charmer.

Everly & Lark are our chicken ambassadors, reminding visitors and social media followers that chickens are smart, curious, social creatures who deserve to live full, happy lives. Your donation to their team helps provide feed, veterinary care, and special predator-proof play areas where they can soak up the sun, search for yummy snacks, and luxuriate in dust baths.

Wildwood Farm Sanctuary & Preserve is Oregon's first fully-accredited farm animal sanctuary and an IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law and you will receive a receipt for your record-keeping.

Your kindness helps us provide lifelong care, feeding, and high-quality veterinary care to the rescued animals who are living out their lives on the sanctuary. You also support our broader mission to Protect Nature, Nurture Animals, and Inspire Change. Our comprehensive programs include humane education, advocacy, and public outreach to help people live more sustainably and ethically, whether by protecting native plants and animals on their own property, choosing cruelty-free meals, or advocating for a more sustainable world.